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Gamblescope Player Review

It can be very hard and take a lot of time to find an online casino that works for you. There are literally dozens of online gambling sites, all of whom claim to be objective about how they choose to recommend an online casino.
December 14, 2020

So how about Gamblescope.com?

We suspect when it comes to full and objective reckoning, Gamblescope.com is just as bias as the rest, favoring a few casinos here and there that offer the operators of gamble scope the most kickbacks per review.

For example, in their advice on choosing a casino, they list as important choosing a casino that has a great license reputation. We've got no fault with that but of the six best casinos in my country, three were licensed in Curacao while three others were licensed in Malta.

Most sophisticated online gamblers have learned to be wary about casinos in Caraco. They are about the cheapest to gambling licenses to obtain, and the government doesn't really care about the gamblers themselves.

To quote Gamblingsites.com "Casinos licensed by Curacao have suddenly gone rogue, stolen money, and disappeared. Curacao doesn’t intervene in disputes between players and operators. From the player’s point of view, a license from Curacao is meaningless."

Therefore, we give a big ding to Gamblescope.com for touting any Curacao licensed gaming establishments.

However, despite that major glitch, we did find that Gamblescope is filled with a ton of information. For example, by clicking on a single casino you will find upfront information about who licenses them, sometimes as many as 20 different ways to deposit money, ways to withdraw money and casino software providers, and general information about the casino's welcome package or subsequent bonuses.

Is Gamblescope perfect? No, we don't think so. For example, there is no detailed information about the table games available surrounding each casino. Rather they are generally listed as simply under the heading live games.

As a non-slot player, the lack of detail in each of the casino's reviewed is objectionable.

Another thing that is missing is that customer service is glossed over. Exactly what kind of customer service does a casino offer? Is it email only? By chat, 24/7. By phone. And how do you contact customer service?

In short, when looking at Gamblescope.com as a whole, we find that while most gambling sites provide around 40 to 50 percent of the information you need to assess the casino, with Gamblescope.com we would say you get around 65 percent.

Gamblescope is therefore much better than the typical gambling site but still missing a lot of information.

Under withdrawals for example, as an online gambler, I find I have to read the review to find out the general amount of time to expect the payout, and I would like to know it immediately.

Therefore, we would give Gamblescope a 7.5 out of 10 as a site for online gambling. They have collected a lot of vital information that players need but are leaving out vital details as well.

Gamblescope Player Review

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